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Annual Luncheon

Thursday the folks from United Concordia joined the members of Rescue for the annual Thanksgiving Luncheon. The personnel at the local business have provided this for the past several years. Its a chance for the members of Rescue, the Police and township EMS to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal with the people who work there. As always the food was delicious only to be interrupted by two calls. The members of Rescue would like to once again thank United Concordia for this event.






Both Houses Respond to a 31 Box

This morning the tones were dropped for a 31-2 box calling for E37, R37 and T37. All units responded to the scene to assist company 31 with reports of a commercial structure fire. Crews from E37 and R37 assisted with investigations while Engine 37 picked up the hydrant. The tanker staged before being placed in service. Units remained on location about 15 mins before being placed in service.

Command: Chief 31-1

Units: Ch84, E30, E31, E32, E37, L32, L33, R37, T37, T38



Another Overturned Truck

This morning company 37 was hit out for a vehicle accident with injuries. The rescue arrived on location to find a tractor trailer on its side with the cargo box separated from the trailer. Crews quickly investigated and found no hazard with the cargo, the vehicle was hauling produce. Crews assisted with patient care and controlling fluids. The rescue remained on location about 45 mins before returning.





Small Fire in the One Box

Delayed Post:

On Wednesday around noon crews were put out for a reported structure fire in the 37-1 box. Pd went on location with smoke showing from the one story portion of a residential structure.

Chief 37 went en route followed by Engine 37. When crews arrived they found a working fire and began an offensive attack. The engine had its own water and crews from Truck 32 assisted with getting the fire in the roof. Crews made quick work of the fire and were able to place the fire under control in a short period of time.

Command: Chief 37

Units: E37, E31, CCE20, E32, L32, R35, Chief 84