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Electrical Hazard

Today units were dispatched for an electrical hazard in the 37-4 box. Engine 37 and Chief 37-2 responded to find a line down on top of a vehicle. Units assisted in securing the scene before returning to service.


Rescue heads to Steelton

This afternoon the rescue was dispatched to assist Company 50 with a working structure fire. The rescue responded to the scene of the multi-alarm fire and joined the man power pool. Crews assisted with opening up the fire floor and checking for extension before returning to service. The rescue was on location about 1 1/2 hours before returning.

Rescue37_0307 Rescue37_0308 Rescue37_0309 Rescue37_0314

Rescue assists company 32 with a Gas Leak

Late last night units were dispatched for a reported gas leak at a local restaurant in company 32′s first due. The rescue responded to assist with staffing of five. Upon arrival on location crews split and some assisted with investigations while others assisted EMS with obtaining vital signs on reported patients. Investigations were about to narrow down the readings to the cooler units attached to the kitchen area. Crews remained on scene about an hour before returning to service.

Command: Chief 32-1

Units: E32, L32, Chief 84, R37, E31


Reported Ice Rescue in the One Box

Early this morning crews were alerted for a possible ice rescue in the 37-1 box. The company responded with 3 boats and 6 personnel as well as the Rescue. Upon arrival on location updated information from PSP allowed the company to switch to a recovery mode. Crews fought the ice jams on the river to perform both a hasty and secondary search of the area with nothing found. Crews remained on location about 2 1/2 hours before going available.

Command: Chief 37

Units: Sq37, SU37, R37, Sq10, U1, W37-1, W37-2, W37-3, W10, W-1

Rescue37_2761 Rescue37_2772