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Crews head out on Susquehanna River for “Water Rescue”

Tonight, Company 38 along with Company 37, went into service on the Susquehanna River, north of the Fort Hunter Launch for a kayaker in distress.  The kayaker, who’s vessel overturned was in contact via cell phone with Dauphin County 911, and was able to direct rescue crews to his location.  The kayaker spent about 20 minutes in the river, but other than being a cold, was okay.

Medical crews from Life Team, examined the kayaker, who was then released, with no need for transport.

Both companies each put a boat into service during the rescue, and Chief Fagan, took command.





Heavy rains keep Company 37 busy.

With the mid-state being hit with heavy rains, Company 37 had it’s fair share of calls, ranging from AFA’s, a reported structure fire, assisting on a vehicle in the water, and flooding.  Crews staffed both stations during the storm.

The images below show flooding in the 37-3 Box of Mountaindale.  Crews from both Engines and Tanker were able to help the homeowner direct the water around their home, preventing the water from entering the home.



This image in not a creek, but runoff from the mountain, in our 37-3 Box.


RIT Training at HACC

Crews from Company 37 and 32 worked together this past Tuesday evening on running RIT exercises at HACC’s Training Facility.  Despite the warm temps, training went well, and both departments are looking forward to running more duel department training events.






Box 37-1

Rescue 37 responded to Box 37-1 for a tree into a structure.  Crews arrived on scene and investigated finding that tree caused no visual damage to the structure.  Rescue was in service for about 20 minutes.  Chief 37 had command.