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A Dedication for All to See

This morning a plaque was hung on the wall at the PA National Fire Museum. A wall that is dedicated to the members of the fire community who have passed. This morning Rescue took pride in joining his family to add the name of Chief Richard Bennar to that wall. Chief Bennar was the first Chief of Rescue who passed earlier this year. Please take a moment to visit the museum and as you walk through glance at the wall and take a moment to pause and remember those names.







St. Mags Makes their Annual Visit

Friday the students of St. Margret Mary’s school made their annual visit to Rescue for fire prevention month. The students learn about fire prevention and the company sets up static displays of some of the things we do. As always a great time was had by both firefighters and students!




Accident with injuries in the 5 box

This afternoon the Rescue and Engine 1 responded along with Chief 84 to an accident with reported injuries. Chief 84 arrived on location and reported one occupant still in the vehicle in a vehicle vs tree accident. The rescue arrived and assisted the chief and ems with patient packaging and controlling fluids. Crews remained on location approx. 20 mins before returning.

Command: Chief 84

Units: E37-1, R37

Working Fire in the 1 box

Early this morning crews were hit out for a structure fire in the 37-1 box. Upon responding Chief 37 was advised PD was on location reporting a well involved structure. Chief 37 and Engine 37-1 arrived on location and began setting up portable master stream operations to try to bank down the well advanced fire. An all clear was reported and the house was to be abandoned. Upon arrival crews from Engine 37 and Truck 32 proceeded interior with hand lines while the truck set up an aerial master stream. CC2o took the charlie side of the structure. Crews remained on location for several hours to clean up the well advanced fire. Good job was done by all

Command: Chief 37

Units: C84, E37, E37-1, E32-1, CCE20, R35, R40, A30, L32

Thanks to Mike Mihalo and Company 32 for the pics