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Rope Training at HAAC

Rescue 37 took to the tower tonight to work with rigging, ropes and rescues.  While the crews were in the final stages, both the Rescue and Tanker were hit for a structure fire in the 36 box.  Once placed in service, crews then responded to a 37 box, to assist STEMs with a lift assist.



Box 37-9

Rescue 37 along with STEMS responded to a multi vehicle accident on 22/333 west bound, just at the Linglestown Road exit this afternoon.  Crews assisted with patient care and fluid control.

Chief 37 had command.



R-37, STEMS, C-29-3, C-37

Tractor Trailer Fire in 38 Box

Crews from Company 38, 37, 35 and Cumberland 20 were called out to 22/322 today for a tractor trailer fire, carrying powered milk.

 E38- E-37-1- T 37-T35 -CT20



Photo credits to Central Pa Fire Wire

Box 38-4 / Middle Paxton Twp. @ Lady Liberty – Person on the Rocks

Rescue teams from Middle Paxton, Company 38 and Susquehanna Township, Rescue 37 were called after a man fell into the river.

The man was taking pictures of the replica Statue of Liberty when his kayak hit a rock and flipped over.  The kayak floated away and he waited on some rocks until help arrived.

The man was not injured and his kayak was recovered.

E38, R38, W37, W38