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“Last Alarm” – Oliver “Earnie” Wagner, Jr.

The Rescue Fire Company, of Susquehanna Township would like extend our deepest sympathies to the Wagner Family, with the passing of Oliver “Earnie” Wagner, Jr, today, a member since June of 1974.

Earnie was was an active member of Rescue 37, and throughout his career in the Fire Service,  held the positions of President, Vice President, Assistant Chief, Captain and was also was a Driver/Operator.  Earnie also headed up our Blood Bank, worked on the BBQ and spent countless hours at the Fire Museum of Harrisburg, showing what he loved, the fire service.

Earnie was also responsible for capturing much of Rescue Fire Company’s History, as he loved photography, and often was on the scene with a camera, recording the event.

Rest in Peace “Earnie”.







Rigs Respond to Brush Fires at Rescue 37 Today

Today, the Rescue Fire Co. headed to both Lower Paxton Township and also to Middle Paxton Township, to assist with two separate brush fires.  Engine 37 headed to Middle Paxton to assist Company 38, while Tanker 37 headed to Lower Paxton Township, to assist Company 34.  Both rigs were in service for about 1 hour.  Engine responded later in the evening to assist Company 35 with an AFA.




Dauphin’s Tanker supplied Engine 37 today.

Susquehanna Township heads to Perry County

Today crews from Susquehanna Township headed to Perry County, for a reported structure fire.  Engine 37-1 set up for a fill site, and Tanker 37 went to the scene.  Engine 31 along with the crew from Engine 37-1, transferred to Marysville Fire Company.  Engine 36-1 from West Hanover, transferred into Company Station 37-1. Company 37 would like to thank Company 36 for their help today.

Photo at scene provided by:  Don Walker












March Training Event at 37 House

Today, members of Rescue 37 spent the afternoon training, using  saws, and hand tools for ventalation.  This was  a great opportunity for some of our younger members, to get some hands on experience, working on the roof.  Thank you to Chief 84 for gaining access to the property, for training.