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Crews assist with a recovery

This afternoon with crews from company 38 tied up on another incident, company 37 and Perry 2 were dispatched for a reported water rescue. Updated information to be a probable recovery. Crews from 37 and 38 worked together to bring the victim to shore.

Command: Chief 38-2

Units: SU38, SU37, W37-3, Sq37, W37-4, E 37-1

Working Fire in the 3 Box

This morning crews were dispatched for a possible house fire in the 37-3. Chief 37-2 went on the air and the box was upgraded to a working fire dispatch. The chief and Engine 37 arrived on location to find a well advanced fire in a single story duplex. Crews from company 37 began stretching hand lines while truck 32 began a primary search of the residence. Crews worked together making quick work of the heavy fire load. In all crews from 3 counties came in to assist with water supply and fire operations.

Command: Chief 37-2

Units: E37, R37, E30, E32, E32-1, E38, E40, CCE20, L32, R35, R40, PR2, T35, T37, T37, CCT17, CCT20, PCT6, A30

Fire Police Units: FP35, TRF35, TRF33, TRC30

Special Thanks to E31 and PCR2 for standing by!


Fire Prevention at a local church

Yesterday members of Rescue joined several local organizations at one of our local churches for fire prevention. Crews put on a static display and served as a landing zone for the Life Lion Aero medical helicopter.

Rural Water Supply Training

Tonight crews from company 37, 32, 35, and 38 participated in rural water supply training. Participants set up a complete operation starting at a tanker fill site and progressing the whole way to the scene. During the evolution the different departments where shown a couple of different techniques that could be used to help get water to the fire faster and to help sustain a good fire flow.

Thanks to all the department who were able to participate!