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Busy day for the Company

Today has proven to be a busy day for the company, with calls ranging from watercraft in distress to vehicle fires the company is already 6 deep with calls for the day. Here are a few pics from one of the incidents during the day; A reported vehicle fire, Chief 37 and 37-1 arrived on location for a vehicle with the passenger compartment filled with smoke. Engine 37 arrived on location and quickly used the trash line to put out the fire.

Crews assist with a recovery

This afternoon with crews from company 38 tied up on another incident, company 37 and Perry 2 were dispatched for a reported water rescue. Updated information to be a probable recovery. Crews from 37 and 38 worked together to bring the victim to shore.

Command: Chief 38-2

Units: SU38, SU37, W37-3, Sq37, W37-4, E 37-1

Working Fire in the 3 Box

This morning crews were dispatched for a possible house fire in the 37-3. Chief 37-2 went on the air and the box was upgraded to a working fire dispatch. The chief and Engine 37 arrived on location to find a well advanced fire in a single story duplex. Crews from company 37 began stretching hand lines while truck 32 began a primary search of the residence. Crews worked together making quick work of the heavy fire load. In all crews from 3 counties came in to assist with water supply and fire operations.

Command: Chief 37-2

Units: E37, R37, E30, E32, E32-1, E38, E40, CCE20, L32, R35, R40, PR2, T35, T37, T37, CCT17, CCT20, PCT6, A30

Fire Police Units: FP35, TRF35, TRF33, TRC30

Special Thanks to E31 and PCR2 for standing by!


Fire Prevention at a local church

Yesterday members of Rescue joined several local organizations at one of our local churches for fire prevention. Crews put on a static display and served as a landing zone for the Life Lion Aero medical helicopter.